Edgars Biberis

The Craftsman

Good things take time

Every bag is unique. Crafted in my atelier where it's hand-cut, measured, and sew. My team can make a limited number of bags in a day, and we like it that way.

Durable materials

All bags are made from waxed canvas, produced in Scotland. A story tells it was first discovered by wives of local fishermen, who to protect their men from cold rains and harsh winds impregnated canvas fabric with fish oil.

It is waterproof and humidity resistant and becomes even better with age — an excellent alternative to synthetic polyester fabrics.


With future in mind

Quality materials, solid construction, strong seams, and minimalistic design turn my bags into committed companions for all your everyday activities. They will experience anything and withstand everything with you.

Like artists sign their pieces, we also sign every bag, taking full responsibility for our work. As a result, your bag will last for years and gather many stories.

Simple and monochrome

I focus on designing simple and unisex bags without mixing multiple fabrics and colors. Monochrome bags are easy to combine. I'm also completely transparent about the materials we use.