Roll Top Backpack Functional Benefits

Roll Top Backpack Functional Benefits

I've been making roll top backpacks for several years now. And before I started doing that, my first task was to explore what a roll top backpack is and what benefits it has compared to other backpack types. In this article, I would like to address exactly that.


This article will describe three significant functional benefits of roll top backpacks: Adjustable capacity, fever zippers to break, and a broader range of use.


Adjustable Bags Capacity

The first and most crucial aspect is adjustable bags capacity. You may have noticed that manufacturers typically display a range of volumes because it varies based on the usage of the bag. For example, I have had several situations when I need to release the compressing strap after the groceries store visit and fill the bag to its fullest. However, during office visits or other occasions, I roll the top compartment down, and my bags' capacity has compressed to a minimal size.


Fewer Zippers

The next functional objective is the zipper. I believe we can all agree that zippers are awful. Whenever they break down, the garment or gear has only one way to the trash. But it should not be like that. At MIZO, I always encourage my customers to reach out to me if the bag has any tears, and I'm always trying to find the solution to fix even the most difficult parts. I believe that bag you purchase should last as long as you are ready to use it. Here is my suggested Care Guide for bags made out of the waxed canvas.


In rare cases top opening is also secured by a zipper; at least, I have not seen this as the regular practice. As you can roll down the top opening, it ensures the bag for any moister, and with secure closures (Cobra Buckle, G-hook, or any other buckle), the bag is securely closed. Even if the worry is about thieves, imagine how easy it is for thieves to open your zipper closed backpack without you noticing it? However, you will feel when a thief tries to open your roll top backpack.


So the main takeaway: responsible brand + fewer zippers = a more durable bag.


Roll Top Backpacks Broad Range Of Use

The last argument here is various ways of using your bag. A roll top backpack looks excellent during your wild adventures, visiting the museum, or going to the office. Of course, we can always discuss the taste of the style, but in general, it has a minimalist design, making them very versatile.


Customers usually share pictures of how they use MIZO bags on hikes, travel, and even during the official meeting. So think twice before choosing your next new bag. Maybe it's better to have one well-made backpack than to have multiple mediocre ones. And roll top backpack is a way to get a middle point.


I hope this article was helpful. Here below are two roll top bags I have at MIZO. In case you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

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