Mizo backpacks man on a hill with roll top backpack on his shoulders

Reasons to Choose Roll Top Backpack

Mizo backpacks man in the forest with roll top backpack on his shoulders

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I would like to talk about one particular backpack type, that in my opinion outrate others with its functionality and capabilities. The backpack I would like to discuss is the roll-top backpack type. Nowadays the market is full of various kinds of offerings. There are different shapes for backpacks. One day when I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a backpack made for cats - with a tiny window, it looked like a submarine illuminator. But let’s not forget about the main characteristics of the backpack - it’s functionality. An everyday backpack should fulfill all the needs - look casual, be lightweight and have plenty of room. Here are all the benefits you will gain when choosing to roll-top backpack:

  • Pockets and organizations;
  • Extendable volume;
  • Additional exterior straps;
  • Minimalist design;
  • Adjustable volume;
  • Accessibility

In my opinion, all of that can be packed within a roll-top backpack. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting one.

Mizo backpacks girl walking into the woods with roll top backpack on her shoulders

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Adjustable Size

This is one of the main objectives of why a roll-top backpack should be considered as your next choice. Imagine you are getting back from a weekend getaway in the countryside. The backpack is already full of your essentials. You met your grandmother and you know how big their hear can get. She has prepared delicious apple pie and you need a room where to place it. The roll-top rucksack will be able to take this extra load. It’s best/the main feature is top closure can be adjusted to fit your needs. Extra space is usually why a roll-top backpack was designed for bicycle couriers.

Before we move one, please take a look MIZO backpacks Weekend Adventure Roll-top backpack. It's worth a look.

For Badass Cyclers

You all know these badass bicycle riders usually with the yellow or red backpack on their bags that looks way too big. Yes, these kinds of people who ride a bike every day are used to unexpected extra loud of things. For many years they have chosen these types of bags for one reason - they are reliable. You, as a user, know that you can count on your backpack, just as you can count on your mobile phone. But roll-top backpacks are not only for bicycle riders.

Mizo backpacks bike on the road

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Look Matters

If you are daily wearing a backpack it must look right. There are plenty of good looking backpacks with zipper closure as well, but as roll-top backpacks are so versatile, they are holding this small piece of extravagance. Roll-top backpacks tend to look more casual, and if the brand behind it has done a good job, you should be safe.

Mizo backpacks girl on the trail with roll top backpack on her shoulders

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One more asset you will gain by owning a roll-top backpack is that accessing the main compartment is super easy. Just roll it down and you are in. The main compartment usually has a place for laptop and other small daily accessories. Closure of the bag is as easy as an opening - roll it up and close it. There could also be downsides for it - too much rolling can cause feeling that you are owning roll of fabric and in the end, it looks messy. That's why I would suggest before purchasing backpack take a look at how high is roll top part of the bag - if it’ s more than 20 cm - consider buying backpack made from different brands.

Fewer Unnecessary Zippers

When it comes to minimalist style and keeping things simple, roll top backpacks are the way to go. Not only zipper parts are kept to a minimum, but also overall roll-top function gives the backpack a clean and neat look. Fewer zipper doesn’t necessarily mean that there is less space for daily accessories and pockets for securing the most valuable things. Exterior pockets can still be present as well as a good inner organization.

Mizo backpacks girl in the forest with roll top backpack

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Roll-top rucksacks usually ar well know by their inner compartment organization. A good example is to have a separate laptop compartment and a few pockets to store smaller items. Many roll-top backpacks have additional loops for additional organization.

Here are a few examples of why a roll-top backpack could be a good investment. Size, everyday movement, accessibility, minimalist and casual look. Click here to see how MIZO backpacks are checking these characteristics.

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