Mizo backpacks sustainable brand text displayed on the wall

Sustainability - New Black For The Brands

Mizo backpacks sustainable brand text displayed on the wall

Photo: Charles Etoroma

By Wikipedia: "Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers for designs that move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends. A second, critical definition adds that fast fashion is not only about quickly moving from the runway to store to consumer, but also the garbage."

Before you move on with an article, take a look at the following video, made by "The Economist".

As a brand, we feel a duty to educate our audience by encouraging be more responsible for our purchases. To buy only then when there is a need and to buy only quality products.

There is the other part of the coin as well, and it faces the makers, brands that are building a business around the fashion industry. At MIZO we believe in sustainability, that's why we are manufacturing only high-quality products, those are lasting years to come and can be repaired.

Here are five actions you can take, to be a sustainable consumer.

Taking care of the products

We have sourced high-end fabric for our bags. It's being manufactured at Scotland in hundred-year-old mills, by the team that is being paid fair and loves their job. Just look at their latest Instagram post, where they are saying goodbye to one of their colleagues, who is retiring. It is so amazing, to see that team care of each other.

I usually compare bags to shoes or clothes. If we are taking care of them, by brushing, washing, and cleaning, then why don't we treat bags the same way? These garments as well need to be taken care of, to last longer and age more beautifully.

Mizo backpacks sustainable brand old man repairing clothes

Photo: Vignesh Moorthy

All of the bags, made by MIZO has a lifetime warranty, we are repairing every piece of item, that has been broke or tore. In that way, we are extending life for your bag, so it could capture more adventures and experience more exciting moments with its carrier.

The Stories it carries with it

As fast fashion is directing us in a wrong way, sometimes I see great examples when people are reviving old clothes or garments, that belong to their family for years and are wearing it with pride and dignity. You know why? Because of the stories, it carries with it. 

Waxed canvas bags are aging beautifully and they truly are made to last. Image your son, to find your old bag in a few years, brushing it up, rewaxing and giving it a second life. 

Recycle or reuse

Has this fleece jacket has become unattractive or you just simply don't wear fleece jackets anymore? Get it into the hands of someone who will need it. 

Additionally, you can earn a few extra euros for selling your worn garments, there are multiple Facebook Groups, where you can put your listing on. However, if the item is worn-out completely recycle it. Nowadays recycling isn't something extraordinary, this has become our everyday.

Mizo backpacks sustainable brand clothes haning on the wall

Photo: Shanna Camilleri

Don't buy, unless you need it.

The culture of consumption is going the wrong way. Sales and events like Black Friday are encouraging consumers to buy and spend more. Sale's main objective is to create urgency and make the customer believe that is the once in a lifetime opportunity.

We stand for planned purchased, the ones that are needed. The product you purchase from MIZO should solve an actual problem, not to fill you closed with another bag. We want to do the opposite of every other business today. We ask you to buy less and to reflect before you spend a euro on this backpack or anything else.

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