To Become Sustainable Fashion Brand

To Become Sustainable Fashion Brand

Fast fashion dominates the apparel market - like it or not - but it is a tremendous problem. Therefore, all conscious companies and brands must reflect on the situation and implement sustainability strategies.


Overproduction, impulsive purchasing of clothing, and constant change of fashion trends have stimulated the "fast fashion" industry for decades. 


To be more environmentally friendly, brands need to change both: the design principles of the product and the way they sell their products. An important aspect is to think about what will happen to the garment when it becomes worn out. 


One solution is the second-hand market. A few years ago, people looked at second-hand stores and clothing shopping with skewed eyes. However, the latest study by thredUP (the world's leading second-hand online store) shows that the second-hand clothing industry has grown 21x faster than any other clothing industry in the last three years. Moreover, the second-hand market is projected to double over the next five years ($ 51 billion). This can be explained by society's growing desire to be responsible for nature.


It is very easy to ping pong others, but what I'm doing differently at MIZO, so my customer would have much better alternatives? For example, taking care of your bag is one giant step forward.


There are several things at MIZO I strive to do better:

  • I believe in local production. That's why we produce everything ourselves. I keep low stock on ready-to-ship items. Most of the bags are made based on the order. 
  • All MIZO products are monochrome, not because I would not feel the colors, but because we believe monochrome bags are easier to combine with different outfits. 
  • Everything can be repaired - that's why I offer free repair on every MIZO bag - forever. 
  • I believe in responsible consumerism. Every purchase must be deliberate. That's why I don't offer many different discount schemes to encourage customers for non-responsible purchases. Instead, I'm focusing on selling directly to the end customer, educating and supporting them with after-sell services aswell.

We can still improve many things, but the first thing comes from customer demand. As long as we continue voting with our dollars and support fast fashion brands, the road will be slow for those who try to swim in other directions.

Right below are MIZO's current selection of bags - all made in fair conditions with attention and care every step of the way.

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