Conscious and Responsible Consumerism

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Sustainable fashion - a trend that was a very narrow field of interest until a few years ago. Now has become one of the most pressing issues in the fashion industry. If we now talk about sustainability as "nice to have", then there is no doubt that this trend now is "the new normal in the future".

Overproduction of food, impulsive purchase of clothing and endless change of fashion trends for decades has stimulated the "fast fashion" industry, which is a real problem in the overproduction of clothing and textiles. The turning point in the fashion industry was 2019, when ten UN organizations formed the UN Sustainable Fashion Alliance.

In June, the French government announced that the disposal of unsold or returned consumer goods would be banned in four years, obliging producers and retailers to donate, reuse or recycle such goods. This was the first this kind of action in the world, which forever affected the operation of the fashion industry.

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Fashion product companies face various challenges to prove their sustainability and loyalty to the environment. Brands need to change both: the design principles of the product and the way it's been sold also to think about what will happen to the product when it will be worn out. 

Fashion is no longer just a way to prove your individual style. Fashion is also a way to express your views and beliefs. For example, more and more consumers are choosing the green lifestyle, trying to keep their ecological footprint as small as possible.

If in the past people looked at second-hand stores and clothing shopping with skewed eyes, the latest study by thredUP (the world's leading second-hand online store) shows that the second-hand clothing industry has grown 21x faster than any other clothing industry in the last three years. The second-hand market is also projected to double over the next five years (to $ 51 billion). This can be explained by the growing desire of society of being responsible for nature.

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Each of us can take care of the planet, and therefore our health. Here are five simple ways we can promote the principles of sustainable fashion in our daily lives:

  • Before buying a product, get acquainted with the brand and its values. It is necessary to pay attention to where the product is made, from what materials and what is known about the brand itself.
  • Shop responsibly - less often, but with better quality. Less often buy clothes spontaneously, as well as instead of buying new clothes, consider buying them used.
  • Introduce capsules in the wardrobe. It is a wardrobe of 12 clothes, from which it is possible to create 60 different combinations. Yes, you will be amazed at how many variations you can combine from the range of wardrobes available. Capsule wardrobe can be like a process - you should not now throw all your clothes out and buy 12 new ones.
  • An important role in the life cycle of textiles and clothing - appropriate care and attention to the purchased product. That's why we encourage you to repair work or tore items.

It's time for us to take responsibility towards nature and think of the ways our consumer behaviours can be improved.