Founded in 2015 by me - Edgars Biberis, MIZO is a bag crafting workshop, based in Cesis, Latvia.

Simplicity, excellence and responsibility are the values that drives me every day. We produce simple products with character.

The inspiration behind my designs? Nature, small adventures and the city. Latvia is a beautiful place to find inspiration, and so is Cesis with it`s many different faces – from the historical Old Town to the untamed, but charming corners of it`s neighborhoods.

There are no shortcuts for me. Without crafters’ touch, products lose their specialty. Every MIZO bag is hand-cut, machine-stitched, and carefully rechecked, and the bag maker manually brushes off the last thread ends.

The success formula is simple. Find what you love and do it relentlessly, with the best motive, and from the true spirit of your heart.