Cleaning guide

It's essential to take care of your bag, the way we take care of ourselves. Bags that are maintained well last longer, and their
owners do not feel temptation for a new purchase. Here are few tips on how to make your bag shine and last.


Take a stiff brush and brush the dry dirt off.

A stain must be dry before starting to clean it. Otherwise the dirty place could expand and make the cleaning process much harder.


Using cotton cloth and water, carefully clean the dirty area. Use gentle circular motions to clean the spots.

Avoid using lukewarm water because it could cause the color to bleach.


Allow your bag to dry naturally. We recommend giving it one night. Then, consider reproofing your wet finish waxed canvas by applying some reproofing wax.

Reproofing guide

Reproofing your MIZO bag once a year will help protect the color, maintain its water-repellent ability, and prolong its life.

Far from being a fault, the wax rubbing off over time is a natural consequence of wearing and loving your bag.
And a reminder - unlike synthetic plastic-based fabrics, cotton is a natural fiber that will benefit from a bit of care and attention.

Apply the wax

Take the wax bar and apply it to the garment directly. Don’t worry if it doesn’t apply evenly.


Take a hairdryer and apply hot air to the wax. Then, with a cotton cloth, distribute the wax evenly on the bag. You will see the wax melting into the fibers. Wipe away any leftovers.


After you have rewaxed the bag, leave it for overnight to dry. Then, we suggest reproofing the bag with a fresh layer of wax once in twelve months.

Repair guide

Yes, we did build your bag for it to last long. But life happens, and things wear out. Let’s not forget this.

Free repairs

I take full responsibility for our work, and I will gladly accept your MIZO bag and repair it.

One exception

Unfortunately, I cannot take on customized and modified bags for repair. That's on you then.

Recycle it

If there ever comes a day you’ve worn your bag off to the last threads or simply feel it’s time, you can hand in your old MIZO bag for recycling in exchange for a voucher granting you 15% off your next bag.