Inside the bag maker’s studio

Made-to-order MIZO bags are far from industrial production. We make only what people need, in limited numbers,
so there are no changing collections, no overproduction, and no excesses that turn into waste.

Good things take time

I avoid industrial production lines. Instead, I have internal processes that allow me to be efficient. Yes,
I'm by miles slower than manufacturing companies but I'm happier too. There is a limited number of bags
I can make in a day, and every item is carefully crafted to the very last detail.

I make bags

The world doesn’t need another bag company. What it needs passionate people doing their thing, and sometimes, by coincidence, it can be designing and making outstanding bags.

Made to last

By obtaining new MIZO bag you don't have to worry about getting a new one for quite some time. I'm building durable and sustainable bags, combining quality materials and timeless design.